Arabic Projects Ideas 1: Open Um Alqura Calendar

In Saudi Arabia the official calendar is Um Alqura calendar, which is a Hejeri based calendar.
The idea is to buy the royalties of the calculation function (KACST owns it), and open it, and force all software vendors to include it.
Just imagine that your mobile date, match your outlook date, match your favourite website date. Stakeholders:

  • Government: KACST, CITC, Yesser, MCIT
  • Software vendors: Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Sun, Apple
  • Open Source: Linux, MySQL, Postgresql etc..
  • Mobile phones vendors: Nokia, SonyEriccson, Apple, HTC, etc…
  • Other electronics vendors: Humax receiver manufacturer.
  • Content Providers: Google, Maktoob, Yahoo, MSN, Newspapers, etc..
  • Development Languages: Java, .NET, PHP, Python, Perl, etc…

If you have an ideas to improve the initial idea please comment.