Mozilla9 .5

Today I converted my browser from Opera to Mozilla9 .5, I was running Opera and Mozilla9 .X for the past couple of weeks, Opera is very fast but sometimes it gives poor view for some web sites, Mozilla is better in viewing web sites, but it is kind of slow, another thing I like with Opera is the tabbed view, all web sites are in the same window, and you tab to switch between them, but now Mozilla9 . 5have this feature, so I converted directly 🙂
I also moved my emails from Netscpe4 .X to the new Mozilla, a good thing about it, that you can use multiple email accounts 🙂
UPDATE: the email serach is very slow, and it doesn’t have spell-checking 🙁

No news!!

Is a good news 🙂
No really my life is getting very boring, long cycle of routines 🙁
Is that what I want to do for the rest of my life?!
Okay, let us take a moment to think what is wrong in the picture, first my private life (yes I do have one 🙂 I am engaged for abount three months now (this is a news isn’t it) … any way I didn’t want to tell you, don’t ask why, may be because it private, any way I already did.
Every thing is going ok on my private life, every thing is getting very clear, all the dates are known now, nothing in the near future yet, so I am starting to get used to the situation (Is this good or bad!!)
Work is another story, I don’t know what to say about it, but I really start to hate it, things take forever to finish, every aspect is improving but nothing finishes, I’ll taslk about it in the near future.