ver 6 released

Finally after 2 years of delays new version is released.
No matter how many test you perform, something will go wrong when you launch the website.
Special thanks to Turki Aljaber, and Malik Alghasab for a really great job building the website.
If you find any problem please let me know.

15 thoughts on “ ver 6 released”

  1. Hi!

    I’m sure you mean Alriyadh newspaper but why your link is “” which links to another domain name that is “”?

    My best regards,

  2. Pretty sweet!

    I’m assuming you, Turki Aljaber, and Malik Alghasab built it. Did you guys design it too?

    I love that big images with the stories. Also that it can take more than one image per article now. The big icons are also nice. It’s still full of ads, lol, but I’m sure that was not up to you guys (still they seem to be a little less obtrusive).

    In FireFox, I couldn’t use the “الوصول السريع” shortcuts because the flash ad was in front of it. Would also be good if there was a prominent search bar.

    Great job you guys.

  3. فوزية: بحاول على قد مقدر ارفع صورة قريب.

    The design is mainly by Malik Alghasab, but all the details are done Tukri and me.
    “I love that big images with the stories.”
    I actually objected them, most of the photos done by local photographer are poorly done, so zooming them won’t produce great quality.
    To be honest, I didn’t like the design that much, but it seems everybody else does, but it is still major step for to be able to move the development wheel again.

  4. I see your point with the pictures. I started thinking about right away, but of course you’ve got to have extremely talented photographers for that to shine through.

    Is there anything new in the backend? I’m guessing the CMS had to be changed a bit for some of the new features, anything other than that?

  5. “Is there anything new in the backend? ”
    Not yet, actually we haven’t change anything in the backend, excpet for some data denormalization in database it self (no code change), we have many plans but nothing major will change.

  6. Cool

    Do you see yourselves ever needing something like C++ in the backend? or are PHP cron jobs enough for all your needs?

  7. the site is really awesome. i like it becuase everything is in one page with elegant view.

    but as Jihad said fast access is disturbed by the two flashes and the menu (i am using maxthon(explorer)).

    also, the page for comments in the new design is cut from the right

  8. Jihad: all PHP for me it is easier to build and maintain, plus you really rarely need high performance in the backend.
    Cron jobs are used for simple stuff like sending email, calculating statistics, getting feeds, etc …
    Hany: can you send me a screen shot, I can’t do anything about flash, this where we generate money 🙂

  9. Abo Abdullah

    First page does work properly with Mac/Safari browser. I’m using Safari version 3.1.2


    Abo Feras

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