Apple store in Riyadh?

Today I went to Apple Store in Riyadh looking for a Mac, I was interested in the 17″ iMac, but after seeing the 20″ iMac the 17″ won’t satisfy me, it was really amazing and looks much prettier in real life.

The bad side is the price, the 17″ cost 6500SR ($1730), and the 20″ cost 8400SR ($2240), keep in mind that in the US the 17″ cost $1299 ($430 difference), and the 20″ cost $1699 ($541 difference).

Does any one know any other place in Riyadh you can get a cheaper Macs?

15 thoughts on “Apple store in Riyadh?”

  1. Itechia is the most great store i have ever dealled with
    i have an old ibook with no charger they had it in stock for 100$ USD
    i went back to them after i got my salary 😛 and saw the macbook white they where cheaper SR 50 than any body else and gave me a free bag

  2. hello, is it possible to find Wacom pen tablets in this store on Thalia street? Im in desperate need of a Wacom Intuos 3 which seems to have been discontinued in the city. If anyone has seen it please let me know.

  3. hi, i need help!!! please. i need to know where is the apple center here in riyadh. i just want to let my ipod fix. the wifi in my ipod is not working..ufff….

    help please…. thanks much

  4. No really sure where you could fix it, but did you try local Mac stores, personally I like iStore, but I recommend going to the place you bought it from.

  5. where can i find 15″ i7 quad core mac book pro with the high resolution display in riyadh …most importantly i want it same price as in US price here there is 500 to 600 riyals difference which is too much…….

  6. where is apple store in riyadh?where can I get it’s contact no. from actually my iPod 2G isn’t gettin updated…does it get update over there?thanx 🙂

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