Django: How to pass an url as parameter of include

In Django web applications I usually have a single template file for navigation or bread crumb that I include from other template files, it is easy and straight forward to pass parameter to the included template file, some thing like:

{% include "nav.html" with title="title" object=my_object %}

But it would be a little tricker to send a URL as a parameter, i.e. you can’t write it:

{% include "nav.html" with title="title" link={% url 'book_edit'%} %}

But luckily Django have a decent and elegant solution, you can use “url” template function with “as” parameter, which will not display but will store it in a variable that you can use later in the include function:

{% url 'some-url-name' arg arg2 as my_link %}
{% include "nav.html" with title="title" link=my_link %}

In fact you don’t need to send my_link as it going to be visible on the included file anyway, so this will work as expected:

{% url 'some-url-name' arg arg2 as my_link %}
{% include "nav.html" with title="title" %}