MENOG 6 in Riyadh

The Middle East Network Operators Group (MENOG) announced that 6th version of the meeting will take place in Riyadh from 10 to 14 of April 2010.

MENOG is a regional forum offering network engineers and other technical staff the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences, and identify areas for regional cooperation.

MENOG 6 will be include:

  • Workshop 10-12 April
  • Tutorials 13 April (morning)
  • Conference 13 April (afternoon) and 14 April

If you are in the business of Internet operation, or have any interest in Internet at all, don’t miss the opportunity to attend.

You can support the meeting in many ways:

  1. Attend it.
  2. You promote it to your friends, colleges, and your organization.
  3. Present a paper on the confferecne.
  4. Ask your organization to support it.

MENOG 5 in Bahrain
MENOG event in Bahrain

Presenting at Riyadh Geeks Today

Riyadh Geeks

Today at 7:15 pm Riyadh time, I am going to give a presentation titled “Tips for faster websites” in front of Riyadh Geeks group at Bader.

Alriyadh Newspaper covered the meeting and the presentation:

I got many calls and emails from to attend the presentation, which made me bit nervous and worried, thank you all, and see you their.

We’ve just finished Riyadh Geeks meeting, big audience, thank you all for coming, and special thank to “Riyadh Geeks” for inventing me, and arranging this event.
Presentation Slides:
X Tips for Faster Web Site

The World’s Worst Places to Work: #3 Riyadh

Overall Grade: Very High Risk Location
Severe Problems: Political Violence & Repression, Political & Social Environment
Major Problem: Culture & Recreation Facilities
Other Problems: Housing, Climate, Disease & Sanitation, Education Facilities, Physical Remoteness, Communications

No surprise here. Life in the Saudi capital is not easy. “The possibility of a terrorist attack is an ongoing threat,” according to ORC, “while wide-ranging restrictions on dress, movement, conduct, food, alcohol, travel, and communications limit expatriate life.” The city is especially hard for foreign women. Finally, adds ORC, “violating the country’s strict moral religious codes is a particular danger in this conservative city.”

Totally agree, of course they are talking about working abroad, but I think most of these points apply for us as Saudis 🙁

موقع قيم النسخة الثانية

يوم امس دعاني جهاد العمار الى مؤتمر صحفي نظمة حول اطلاق النسخة الجديدة من موقع قيم، 50% من المؤتمر كان حول التطويرات الجديدة في الموقع والتي من اهمها اضافة خاصية الخرائط، فعلا رائعة!!! وكذلك اعلى مستخدمين (ترتيبي كان قليل 🙁 )

ما اثار اهتمامي اكثر هو الحضور، كان كثير ورائع، كمية الحماس والطاقة الموجودة كانت رائعة. لازم ابداء احضر مثل هذه الاجتماعات.