Google Chrome OS

Every time I visit a family I spend considerable time fixing Windows desktop and laptop, I don’t mind helping, but I mind not getting paid by Microsoft!

Windows machines are really hard to maintain, and you will rarely find someone happy with, unless he do the periodic re-installations, plus Windows is really pricey software, Windows 7 pro will cost $199 (home is $80 cheaper), it was acceptable 10 years ago when the computers prices were around $3000, but nowadays it i

This why I love the idea of alternative OS in general, and what Google announced yesterday, the Chrome OS, is really intersting for many reasons:

  • It will be open sourced, which will make it very cheap for companies to adopt in their netbooks, and may be phones!
  • Web as development platform, i.e. no new skills to learn (iPhone needs Objective-C, Android neds Java)
  • It will push the limit of web standards, HTML 5 introduces local storage, drag drop support, video and audio, what else is needed to make it comparable to native development will come sooner or later, soon you will the browser is your virtual machine (it is already is for many companies)

Google Chrome OS @ Wikipedia

More information about Google Servers

Have you ever asked your self where does Google buy its servers, Dell, HP, IBM, or Sun?

Unlike everyone in the world, Google don’t buy servers from different vendor they build them!

It doesn’t make sense if you have 100 or 1000 servers, but if what about if you have hundreds of thousands of servers, which is the case for Google.

Actually Google have long time ago stated that they their own server, but the company revealed many new details about its servers, and operation.


  • Each server has its own battery. (reason check next item)
  • No UPS in the data center. (reason check previous item)
  • The unit of the data center is a container, not a server, and not a rack, but a whole container. (Sun sell something like too).
  • x86 because it is cheap.

More info and pictures from CNET article