Go Language Setup for Multiple Projects

When working with Go language you must setup the GOPATH environment variable, but soon you will face two problems:

  • Each project should have its own Go dependencies and its own Git code repo, so putting your source under GOPATH would be problematic.
  • When working with “Atom” with “Go Plus” plugin, it needs to install several Go packages which would pollute your own source.

To solve both problems I added the following to my “.bash_login”:

export GOPATH=$HOME/go
alias atom='PATH=$PATH:$HOME/go/bin GOPATH=$HOME/go:$GOPATH atom'
gpp() {
        export GOPATH=`pwd`

It perform the following:

  • Set a default GOPATH to $HOME/go_sandbox for testing small Go projects
  • Set an alias for “atom” to add an extra dir in GOPATH and PATH, so whatever GO Plus plugin add won’t be add to your current GOPATH
  • Setup a “gpp” function to quickly change GOPATH to current directory