My first Git Session

This guide for my own reference please don’t rely on it, for a better introduction check out Git Reference website. Basic concept and terminologies, Git have 3 logical places:

  • Working Area: normal directory where you edit your project.
  • Staging Area: Think of the staging as your project state before you start your coding session, after each coding session you add your changes to staging area using “git add filename” or “git add .”
  • Snapshot Area: After multiple coding sessions you would finish a logical change, e.g. adding commenting system in web site, next you need to store a snapshot of your project after these changes, you would do that with “git commit”

Setting the environment:

git config --global "Rayed Alrashed"
git config --global "my@email"
git config --global color.ui true

Start versioning a project:

cd my_project
make clean
vi .gitignore  # files you want Git to ignore, e.g. log, tmp, binaries
git init           # Initalize Git 
git add .        # Add All files to Git tracking
git commit    # Initial commit, get a snapshot of the project

Typical workflow:

cd my_project
git status -s            # Get the status of files changed
git add README      # Add README to staging area
git commit -m "Describe your change"        # Make a snapshot of the staging area