Genius, my favorite mouse

A while ago I bought an “Orange” mouse for my parents home, I bought it based on a recommendation from a sales man at “echo” electronic store. I thought optical mouses reached apoint where all mouses are the same, I was wrong. “orange” mouse was very stupid, jumping all the time and it drove my crazy.

So when I went to computer complex at Olaya to buy my DSL modem, I decided to buy a mouse for my parents computer, and since I have a good Genius mouse I bought another Genuis mouse for 20SR (Ibought mine for 30SR 3 years ago), and what a difference between the two. Genuis mouse was very wasy moving and no jumping all over the screen, I loved it.

What is you favorite mouse, I know many people like the wireless models, but I never liked them my self, specially when you have to change the batteries every few days.

الحليفة، مزرعة في وادي

الحليفة هي مزرعة صغيرة اشتراها عمي عبدالعزيز قبل قرابة السنة، وعلى الرغم من صغر المزرعة التي لا يتجاوز مساحتها 5000 متر فانها معروفة لدى الكثير من سكان الوشم.
تقع المزرعة بالقرب من مدينتي “اثيثية” و “مرات”، والمزرعة موجودة داخل احد الاودية، ويحدها من الغرب سد الحليفة.
ارجوا ان تستمع بالصور مثلما استمعت انا بزيارتها.

PHP output compression

PHP 4.0.5 and above added new feature to compress your PHP pages on the fly, all you need is the zlib extension, this how I configured it.
# vi /usr/local/etc/php.ini
zlib.output_compression = On
# apachectl graceful front page size dropped from 20.5 K to 5.6 K, according to my tests almost 50% of browser don’t support compression, IE for instance turn off gzip compression support if you have bad firewalls (Zone Alarm), and even some IE extensions (specially ad wares) turn off the compression.

I used to have compression support inside my caching library, but I guess I’ll turn it of in favour of PHP native support, the old cache saved around 40% of the website bandwidth, and of course this will make the appear much faster for the users.

I am not sure about the affect of the “on the fly” compression on the processor utilization, but with the new hardware I am not that worried.

Caching: memcached vs MySQL

Several month ago I researched caching methods to use with, it was essential because we used old and slow hardware.
The result of my test showed that MySQL based caching was superior to memcached caching.

I did a new benchmark comparing MySQL, PHP memcache extension, and PHP memcache class.

The text is done by fetching the result of a complex query 1000 times, and calculated the time it took using my bechmark library, times in seconds:

Data Size 11513
MySQL query no cache 9.16003489494
MySQL query with cache 0.545562982559
memcached extension 0.376034021378
memcached class 0.493839025497

It seems that memcached is actually faster than MySQL caching, even when using memcache class. (In my old test, MySQL cache support only text caching, i.e. no serialize and unserialize)