Me and my lovely wife in Maldives

Hay ,, we are in Maldives, very long journey but it worth it, we traveled from Riyadh at8 , 30to Dubi, we arrived at11 :30, and waited theier till3 :30, then we took another plain to Maldives, but the journey wasn’t over, when we reached Male maldives capital we took small sea plane to Sun Island were we will stay,we have to wait for about1 : 30hour to rise the plane,the sea plane wasn’t bad but we were very tired and we slept on the journey, when we reached Sun Island we had to take a small boat to reach it.
But once we reached it, we forgot all the bad things, very lovely island, very magical beach, crystal clear water, real green palm trees, oh I am very excited to wake up again and see it again, we took Water Bungalow, it is small room inside the sea, yes inside the sea, we actually hear the waves beneth us, we have small stairs that reach the water, an we have our own sun dick were no on can see you 🙂
what else … the food is good, prices are good, and you didn’t have to carry money at all every thing will be billed to your room, and we have Internet in our room also 🙂
More to come in ten years 😉

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