Smart phones and netbooks operating system

I compiled a quick and dirty list of smart phone and netbook OS, the list included the OS that I think are relevant.
I merged both smart phone and netbooks OSes in the same category, because it seems they can be used on both platforms.
Please let me know if you want to include any data worth adding.


Chrome OS

Started: 2009
Company: Google
OS Base: Linux
Browser: Webkit based (it is Chrome!)


Started: 2007
Company: Open Handset Alliance (Mainly Google)
OS Base: Linux
Browser: Webkit based (like Chrome, and Safari)


Started: 2007
Company: Intel (and LinuxFoundation!)
OS Base: Linux
Browse: Gecko based (like Firefox)


Started: 2005
Company: Nokia
OS Base: Linux
Browse: Gecko based (like Firefox)

Closed OS


Started: 2009
Company: Palm
OS Base: Linux
Browser: Webkit based (like Chrome, and Safari)

IPhone OS

Started: 2007
Company: Apple
OS Base: Mac OS (UNIX)
Browser: Webkit based (it is Safari)

BlackBerry OS

Started: 2002
Company: BlackBerry
Browser: BlackBerry, Opera


Started: 2001
Company: mainly Nokia
Note 1: Closed moving to open
Note 2: Is it relevant nowadays?!

Windows Mobile

Started: 2000
Company: Microsoft
OS Base: Windows CE
Browser: Internet Explorer

3 thoughts on “Smart phones and netbooks operating system”

  1. I thank you so much as currently I am interested in mobile phones software development.

    By the way, shouldn’t it be “Microsoft” instead of “Windows” as a company for Windows Mobile?

    Thanx again ..
    We are looking forward such information


  2. Thank you Nabeel for your visit, I corrected the error.
    What other information could I add to this list, I am thinking of Development environment, but it might be hard to collect 🙂

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