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Every time I visit a family I spend considerable time fixing Windows desktop and laptop, I don’t mind helping, but I mind not getting paid by Microsoft!

Windows machines are really hard to maintain, and you will rarely find someone happy with, unless he do the periodic re-installations, plus Windows is really pricey software, Windows 7 pro will cost $199 (home is $80 cheaper), it was acceptable 10 years ago when the computers prices were around $3000, but nowadays it i

This why I love the idea of alternative OS in general, and what Google announced yesterday, the Chrome OS, is really intersting for many reasons:

  • It will be open sourced, which will make it very cheap for companies to adopt in their netbooks, and may be phones!
  • Web as development platform, i.e. no new skills to learn (iPhone needs Objective-C, Android neds Java)
  • It will push the limit of web standards, HTML 5 introduces local storage, drag drop support, video and audio, what else is needed to make it comparable to native development will come sooner or later, soon you will the browser is your virtual machine (it is already is for many companies)

Google Chrome OS @ Wikipedia

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  1. Finally a new post! I was tired of visiting a revisiting your blog, looking for a reason to start another e-brawl. 😉

    I think it is quiet apparent how inregards to security and privacy Google products are very risky.
    Do you have any guesses how will that workout in-relations to their new OS?
    I know many say they don’t care who is tracking their online activities and to what extent. And, I am as well one of the recipients of the Hotmail screw-job post 9/11. When Micros**t announced that they will be intorducing a new policy which will allow them to read users’ mails.
    So, both Google and Micros**t are not very comforting. But, who will be the less worse (I would say) of two?
    Lastly, I am not a gadget freak. Nor am I a apps freak either. And, I believe the majority of the PC users are the same, even the ones who bought iPhone. I think, and to be fair, that 85% if the consumers requirements are as simple as email, MSGing, Surfing( included), playing Video Games and Wordprocessing. If someone can produce an OS that can satisfy those needs, then that person would have a winner!

    p.s. How many families have you visited so far? Cuz, MS need to know so they can calculate how much you deserve for support. And, by the way, $3000, but nowadays it i… what was that?! I didn’t get that, could you repeat? 😛

  2. Salam Yasir, first of all sorry for the late reply, I am currently in the UK jumping from city to another, and I didn’t get the chance to go online for long time and once I did my website wasn’t working for some reason!

    Usually privacy concerns come from services, and rarely from products, and personally I put all companies on the same pool when talking about privacy.

    As you said most people requirement for computing are very small, and most of it are online, this is why I am excited that a company with the size of Google help in this shift, actually this is exactly what Apple did with the iPhone but what Google trying to do is to move it to laptops.

    “$3000, but nowadays it i …” I have no idea what I was going to write, but it would be something like “very cheap” 🙂

    These days I use a braces for my hand, and I usually mistype many words and some times, the braces select some parts of the text and I overwrite it without noticing.

  3. Salam Rayed, I noticed your website was unreachable since I posted ’till yesterday. I did a trace route from my computer here, and it stopped at the University gatewar. However, when I did a trace route from an online service it was reachable. So, I figured that your website was blacklisted or something. 😛 Anyway, glad to see it back up!

    As for the topic at hand, I never thought of summing all companies to the same pool regardless of the field, whether it is online services, or automotives. Probably at first, I pile them into one group, but most of the time, some prove they deserve to be exculded, and considered different. And, this applies in both ways. I mean, some prove they are people who actually care about the customer, for instance, Yahoo! Others prove they are not just sub-par, they prove themselves to be a word if I wrote here, it would probably get censored (i.e. Micros**t). Both I judged from personal exepriences.

    As for people’s requirements when it comes to Computers, I am not sure that Google is up to the task. In the long run, I think that prices will be the key factor in making or breaking their new product. And, with Mammoth Giants such as GM going under, it is apparent that anyone can easily disappear in instant these days. And, if Google gamble doesn’t payoff, we might see the search engine disappearing as well. It might be a smart plan for others to try and plan to be the replacement for Google. It might not be a bad choice as future move.

    $3000 is cheap?! Really?!

    Is everything alright with your hand? I hope its nothing serious.

  4. Actually non-on-line (offline?) companies are more dangerous than online, people tend to trust them more, and give more personal information to them.

    “not sure that Google is up to the task”
    Google is still a young company, and it seems to me the next decade will determine the company’s future, Yahoo in it days was as big as Google now (in the culture at least), but it couldn’t maintain it online advantages, same thing could happen very easily with Google.

    “I think that prices will be the key factor in making or breaking their new product”
    All Google software are free, Google Wave, Chrome and Chrome OS are even open source.
    It seems to me that Google want to cut the middleman, i.e. the bloated OS (Windows 7, Mac OS X, Linux Ubuntu) with their own light weight and thin OS.

    “$3000 is cheap?! Really?!”
    Not for your 12 years old niece, netbooks cost around $400, for facebooking $3000 is really pricey.

    “Is everything alright with your hand? I hope its nothing serious.”
    toren joints 🙁 I kept it in blaster for 16 days, and now I am using braces for the last 2 weeks. Hope it recover correctly.

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