6 thoughts on “TED: Schools kill creativity”

  1. He is funny. But, I think he was stating the obvious. Moreover, I feel that these kind of conferences are just for show. As if somebody really cares. No real change happens from such shows.
    The people with the money and power are the ones who have the capacity to change something as to say “stop reinforcing us with human power, stop us from making a$$ loads of money, just so that we can make a more ‘creative’ world”. Absurd, I think.

    A more sincere appeal would be to encourage parents to help their children’s “creativity”, by telling them how to lessen the repressive effect educational system has on their children.

  2. Yasir: The way I understand it, we want creative people because we need them, not because we love them.

    Creativity are in demand in more and more industries, publishing, movies, engineering, etc …, and our education system is killing it.

    “… encourage parents to help their children’s “creativity” …”
    I agree this really important, personally I won’t wait until they fix the education system, but will I have enough time and resources?

  3. Could this possibely be our first online fight…? : )
    It is common knowledge that creative people are needed in every field in the world, it is nothing new. That, I believe, is a given. So, if that was the case, if that what he was trying to say, than once again, I would say he was just stating the obvious, nothing more, waste of time and breath.

    Ok, let us imagine that he brought light on a new concept. His point of view of creativity is that it comes solely from artists. And, his idea of artist are dancers, it seems. Why in heck does the world need more dancers? Or better yet, why does the world need dancers in the first place anyway?!

    I would like to conclude by saying that I think for the sake of global warming, people like him whom are masters at pointing out the obvious should stop doing such conferences, cuz too much hot air is being blown there.

  4. “It is common knowledge that creative people are needed in every field”
    Not many people know this! or if they know it, they won’t do anything about it.

    “Why in heck does the world need more dancers? ”
    He was giving an example.

    “why does the world need dancers in the first place anyway?!”
    some people like me enjoy dancing, some enjoy poems, some enjoy painting, etc …
    The same argument could be used against any form of art.

    Their are many lessons to learn from his speech, creativity is important for humans to evolve. The importance of nurturing creative should be revised, look at it at least.

  5. I think I can make an easy assumption that the audience that this seminar was targeting already knew the importance of creativity before they came to that seminar to begin with.
    To avoid further misunderstandings, I need to say that “Stating the obvious” doesn’t mean that I disagree at all, by the way. I just don’t like the extra fluff these seminars create. Secondly, and most importantly, I think I have misunderstood the venue of this seminar. Probably, it is just some seminar at a university seminar house. If that was the case, than it is very acceptable to have all the fluff they can put in. And, if that was the case, then yes, we definetly need more dancers.

    On a similar note, however, I have learned as of recent years how title holders such as Sir “Let’s be creative” guy over there can be filled with nothing, and sound like they have everything. And, I have learned that people with assertive thinking, like some people that I have worked with in the past whom will remain nameless : ), have more content and ambition in their pinky toe, than guys who enjoy ego stroking and title announcements have in their whole life time.

    I am sorry for flooding your blog with this. I just felt too familiar when reading your name above.

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