9 thoughts on “IPv6 workshop photos”

  1. I really enjoyed the event, and the general feedback that we got from the attendees and the speakers. I personally liked Raed Alfayez’s presentation, since it has alot of clear achievements, which highly refelct the amount of development and work that was done in the past two years. Ofcourse Randy Bush;s presentation -as usual- was down to the point, which always get people’s attention.

    It should be said, that even though the event was great, it is only the beginning for the Internet and IPv6 in Saudi Arabia. From the questions that was given by the audience, it is clear that awareness should be the major track over the infrastructure. This also include pushing the operators and the business sectors to be ready to adopt the new protocol. The IPv6 Taskforce have a long journey ahead, with such effort and dedication, we can/will see great results.

    I would also like to highlight the effort that was put into this event. One of the huge success factors for it was the great management and organization of your work (Rayed). You made it happen… always remember that. 🙂

    oh yeah, and your presentation was great too… 🙂


  2. صراحة كنت في غاية الرغبة في المجيء، لكن للاسف ماتيسر لي
    هل العروض التقديمية موجودة؟

  3. من المفرح أن أرى مثل هذا التفاعل ، خصوصاً مع التقنيات الضرورية لمواكبة الترابط العالمي

    وأتمنى إمكانية حضور أمثالها في المستقبل ، خصوصاً التي تعرض خطط التنفيذ في بنيتنا التحتية

    ويعطيكم ألف عافية ، وشكراً علي المشاركة أبو عبدالله

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