6 thoughts on “STC’s new logo?”

  1. بصراحه كان بامكانهم يجيبون شعار مستقل وافضل من هذا بمراحل ولا يستعيرون حق اندونيسيا؟؟
    ماعرف ليشهالحركه
    اشك انهم اظطربو بوجود زين.
    ولا ليه هالحركه
    ليت اهتمو بالخدمات ودارو العيوب وتركو عنهم الشعار
    ماجد الدويش وحركات
    مشكور اخ رائد
    كيف عبودي نبي صور له كيوت زي العاده الله يخليه لك

  2. What bothered me the most isn’t logo, but the use of big “STC” and small “الاتصالات السعودية” and making the STC word as the official name.
    I was hoping they came up with a new Arabic name not just “STC”!

  3. I agree with Rayed. I think the main issue with the new logo is that it doesn’t reflect anything “Saudi” (not even Telecom or Company in that matter). I’m not saying that we need a logo with two swords and a palm tree again, but I was expecting more from a company like STC.
    I won’t be surprised if they are planning to change the name in the near future too.

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