9 thoughts on “Network Timeout!!”

  1. Yeah, I’ve been having that too. Very annoying. I lowered the connection speed until they get their act together.

    My ISP is Saudi Net too. So that could be it. I guess they need you back :p

  2. Internet wasn’t behaving normally the last couple of days, I guess something was going on. A lot of people I know are suffering and @work, we had the same issue from non Saudinet ISPs!

  3. Good to know that I am not the only facing the problem, this mean someone will fix 🙂

    At work we are connected to STC IGW, and we don’t have these problem. The link very slow but I don’t get these timeout.

  4. I use to have connection with afaq (@stc), now I have their Afaq Shamel since last week(@afaq). Two things amaze me:
    1) unstable DNS setup. They only have one active at all time, and it is always the primary that is down and the user depend on their secondary DNS. Which I believe is located in Jeddah somewhere (delays~unresolved domain +/- drops). I think last week they made something interesting by depending on on DNS or switching to a farm…
    2) unstable service. one day I have my full capacity, the next day I have70% of it.
    I don’t think patience will solve anything with STC. Then again, what choices do we have (until now)

  5. >> “Good to know that I am not the only facing the problem, this mean someone will fix”

    that was long time ago but now i don’t think it will be fixed soon.

    it seems they have redirected their traffic to a new proxies. from the error messages it seems that they are using squid and it has a lot of problems. i hope they will fix it, some sites are not working for me now specially sites that need special POST requst (i don’t know why).

    i will try to pass the message to them.

  6. amazing.. there are many of us are already suffering from this great service of STC, particularly with their Afaq shamel thing.. its annoying that once in a while you’ve been disconnected on the internet. i don’t really much have idea what is wrong with their service.. been reading a lot of forum though, and i am really hoping that they could get over of this trouble they are causing for “us” the subscribers.

    i dunno what to do.. i think being with STC’s service is quite frustrating. we are paying the right amount and guess, we just couldn’t have the best service the company promised..

    what about switching to the Wimax thing of Mobily? thus it make any difference with STC’s 3.5G thing? i mean, are we gonna get the same Time Out?, DSL low state, etc..

    anyone.. please help me. understand. thanks.

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