Engineers endangered species?

High-Tech Japanese, Running Out of Engineers

After years of fretting over coming shortages, the country is actually facing a dwindling number of young people entering engineering and technology-related fields.

Universities call it “rikei banare,” or “flight from science.” The decline is growing so drastic that industry has begun advertising campaigns intended to make engineering look sexy and cool, and companies are slowly starting to import foreign workers, or sending jobs to where the engineers are, in Vietnam and India.

The problem isn’t in Japan only, US, Europe, even countries with low numbers of engineers like Saudi Arabia are seeing a decline in the number of Engineer students. Are we going to face an engineering dark age, or is it normal phase after the engineering golden age!

8 thoughts on “Engineers endangered species?”

  1. مساء الخير أخوي رائد ..

    هذه الظاهرة واضحة بشكل كبير ..
    أذكر في جامعة الأمير سلطان عدد طلاب تخصص الحاسب الآلي في الدفعة التي كنت فيها لا يتجاوز العشرين أو الثلاثين طالب .. وفي المقابل عدد طلاب العلوم المالية والادارة المالية أضعاف عدد طلاب كلية الحاسب الآلي ..

    ولكن لماذا العزوف عن التخصصات التقنية مع أنها أكثر متعة من اتخصصات الأخرى (من وجهة نظري :))؟

  2. I’m not sure about PSU, but KSU used to have a limit to the number of student for each collage. You’ll find the number of accepted students are in Engineering and Computer Science are the lowest in compared with other fields. People with grades as good as 90-95% can’t be accepted in those collages any more because of that limitation, where more students with high grades want to get into them, and they are alot lately. On the other hand, other collages like Science, Management, and Literature, have high acceptance rate.
    It might be not related.

  3. I Just wanted to say that I liked the smiley face at the bottom of the page…

    Is it new? I never noticed it…


  4. oh… I just noticed the smiley. Mashallah, keen eye Feras. Even Rayed don’t know what you are talking about.

    I think this is a wordpress stats icon, or at least that’s what it’s link says


  5. Favorite Question:
    What is the better college?

    Favorite Answer:
    Computer Science & Information Technology

    It’s better for the student and the country.

    I hope in future We could see a design and gaming college in our country.

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