Django CRUD Parent/Child Edition

I’ve written before about implementing CRUD operations on a single table in Django, and the post was very popular on my blog and I hope many people learned something from it.

The next logical step is to write a CRUD application with Parent/Child relationship, the application is bit more verbose but it follow the same simple logic used in the first post.

In fact I didn’t write a single application, I wrote five stand alone applications that shows different ways to implement CRUD operations:

  • books_simple: Single table CRUD operations.
  • books_pc_formset: Parent/Child CRUD operation using Django formsets, which means editing the children in the sample form as the parent.
  • books_pc_formset2: similar to previous app but uses a foreign key in the children.
  • books_pc_multiview: Parent/Child CRUD operation using multiple one view for the parent and another seperate view for the children.
  • books_pc_multiview2: similar to previous app but uses a foreign key in the children.

You can find the code here:

Hope you find it useful, and please let me know if it needs any improvements.

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