Limit SSH to Copy a Single File Only

I want to allow host-2 to copy a file securely from host-1, so the easiest way is to use “scp” command which use “ssh” as a transport to copy the file.

If you want to do it manually it is straight forward “scp” invocation:

host-2$ scp host-1:data.csv .

But if you want to automate it you have to use “ssh” keys, but this means leaving a private ssh key on host-2 that can access host-1 without any restriction, i.e.

host-2$ ssh host-1  # FULL ACCESS NO PASSWORD NEEDED!!

A better way is to generate a new ssh-key on host-2, like:

host-2$ ssh-keygen
host-2$ ls ~/.ssh/id_rsa*
host-2$ cat
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDHBoO5JciwnRKWzbmZiZ68J7Vouim+ZUNvmsXYeCFa6TDGTmG9Wh1KhAAgQDqTuwL9BcgbOM2qiwOlLMREtH6LYLbbp9RIBIGNb0a8UL3Fka++vziHkTgaqPJ2Uq0Qd8J0oZCqseBQqSMlebO4BxOYuRMqEFn7ETR5N+SM/hq5PeuS5SVGnleJOqaO8Cq5AcoIdlYeRXjDIFw9x7DugHKP4uBTr2o+lft7seyHjYOmrWiX0+GFiDsdTzqIMC+Px3pqY8Hcd4DC2lmYDJCDG7Js3zzvzp8Xs6sBEwqZpECh8TmXZxl5/OHt8XtVCJs0lfqiHhQWFIlsYqPg+4AsjiUP

Then add the the key to host-1 authorized_keys file with one small change:

host-1$ vi ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
command="scp -f data.csv" ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDHBoO5JciwnRKWzbmZiZ68J7Vouim+ZUNvmsXYeCFa6TDGTmG9Wh1KhAAgQDqTuwL9BcgbOM2qiwOlLMREtH6LYLbbp9RIBIGNb0a8UL3Fka++vziHkTgaqPJ2Uq0Qd8J0oZCqseBQqSMlebO4BxOYuRMqEFn7ETR5N+SM/hq5PeuS5SVGnleJOqaO8Cq5AcoIdlYeRXjDIFw9x7DugHKP4uBTr2o+lft7seyHjYOmrWiX0+GFiDsdTzqIMC+Px3pqY8Hcd4DC2lmYDJCDG7Js3zzvzp8Xs6sBEwqZpECh8TmXZxl5/OHt8XtVCJs0lfqiHhQWFIlsYqPg+4AsjiUP

Notice the command part, which limit the given key to a given command.

NOTE: the public key is the same one generated from previous step on host-2

Now if you try to access the machine it will fail.

host-2$ ssh host-1
Connection to host-1 closed.

Even if you try to copy another file it will download the file you specify in the authorized_keys:

host-2$ scp host-1:data.xml .
data.csv    100%

Notice that it downloaded the data.csv and not data.xml!

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