“sar” command cheat sheet

“sar” is a Unix command that collect, report, or save system activity information, it is different from other system status command like “top” or “vmstat” that only show real time status only, “sar” in the other hand collect these data so you can find the system state at any time.


# Live values: interval count
sar 1 3

# historical values

Previous Days

# Day 11 of current month Ubuntu
sar -f /var/log/sysstat/sa11

# Day 11 of current Month CentOS
sar -f /var/log/sa/sa11

Time Range

# show from 10:00 am to 11:00 am
sar -s 10:00:00 -e 11:00:00

Data Options

sar      # CPU 
sar -r   # RAM
sar -b   # Disk

Mixing options

sar   -b   -s 10:00:00 -e 11:00:00   -f /var/log/sa/sa11  
-b   # disk 
-s   # from 10:00 to 11:00
-f   # day 11



$ sudo yum install sysstat


$ sudo apt-get install sysstat
$ sudo vi /etc/default/sysstat

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