Linux Kernel Development: How Fast it is Going, Who is Doing It, What They are Doing, and Who is Sponsoring It

Nice article about Linux kernel development, the most interesting to me is the section “Why Companies Support Kernel Development”:

The list of companies participating in Linux kernel development includes many of the most successful technology firms in existence. None of these companies are supporting Linux development as an act of charity; in each case, these companies find that improving the kernel helps them to be more competitive in their markets.

and here is a list of companies supporting the development, and their contribution:
Companies support Linux kernel development

Thanks for all the individuals, and companies participating in the best OS ever (after FreeBSD that is 🙂 )

FreeBSD 7


FreeBSD 7 is available, many new improvements performance and feature wise, check the announcement.

One of the most impressive improvements is SMP (Symmetric multiprocessing):

Dramatic improvements in performance and SMP scalability shown by various database and other benchmarks, in some cases showing peak performance improvements as high as 350% over FreeBSD 6.X under normal loads and 1500% at high loads. When compared with the best performing Linux kernel (2.6.22 or 2.6.24) performance is 15% better

Update: OnLamp has a nice article about the amazing FreeBSD 7: What’s New in FreeBSD 7.0

Mozilla Messaging: conquering the enterprise?


Mozilla Foundation the people behind Firefox are launching a new Foundation Mozilla Messaging, their objective is to improve how people communicate on the Internet. Of course they will start with my favorite email client Thunderbird :

The initial focus for Mozilla Messaging is the development of Thunderbird 3, which will deliver significant improvements, notably integrated calendaring, better search and enhancements to the overall user experience.

If Thunderbird improve its collaboration features it will be great contender in the Enterprise Collaboration arena, watch out “Lotus Notes” and “Outlook”.

Learning Drupal

Drupal Logo

Every Eid vacation I end up with an extra free time, I usually use it to learn new stuff, the latest vacation I decided to learn Drupal. Drupal is a Content management system (CMS), it is basically a software to help you manage your content.

Drupal is a modular and customizable CMS, you can use it to build different types of web sites, a Blog, company or organization web site, community website, you name it.

Since last year Abdullah Aldosari start working with Drupal, and as always he started marketing it as the best invention ever, and as always I argued with him that building your own CMS is better, and as always I was wrong 🙂 Drupal is the best invention ever!! okay I am bit exaggerating but please don’t do my mistake, if you are building a new website find your self a CMS and customize it.

Customizing a CMS isn’t that hard, it would be much easier than building everything from scratch, and it will give you many features that you didn’t even think of. Drupal Features

Of course you don’t have to use CMS for every website you build, in many situations it is better to build your own stuff or use a framework instead of CMS. Check Is Drupal right for you to help you decide 🙂